Greg Barker owner 139 South 14th Broken Bow nuisance cleanup

The deadline for cleaning up and improving the looks of the house at 139 South 14th Avenue in Broken Bow was extended to Oct. 1, 2021 by the Broken Bow City Council at the June 8 council meeting.

The Broken Bow City Council has set a date of Oct 1 for a nuisance property in Broken Bow to be cleaned up and repaired. The property is at 139 South 14th Ave is owned by Greg Barker.

Barker spoke to the Council during a public hearing at Tuesday’s Council meeting. He explained that much of the work done on the property so far hasn’t been visible, saying the foundation was bad and had to be repaired first.

Barker said a trench on the north side of the house has been half-filled and he was watering it to pack it down. He said it would be filled in Wednesday and that stumps were also being removed. “I do want to clean it up and make it look a lot better.”

He cited being busy maintaining 22 rental properties as why he has been unable to focus on this property.

Mayor Rod Sonnichsen said, “There have been nuisance properties and we weren’t aggressive enough. They were devaluing neighboring property. That’s why we have to stay aggressive.”

Barker told the council he appreciated their patience and he promised they would see a lot of progress in the near future.

In other business, the city tree dump will be open for free tree dump for residents this Saturday, June 12 during regular hours 10 a.m.-12 noon and 1-5:30 p.m. City Administrator Dan Knoell said the free tree dump is to help with nuisance properties. “This will give city residents the opportunity to take weeds, branches and trees to the tree dump,” Knoell said. “This is residential only, not commercial.”

The council approved two applications to sell fireworks, one for the Broken Bow Volunteer Fire Department on the south side of the Square and the other for Loud & Proud Fireworks at the southeast corner of South E St/Hwy 2 and Rest Haven Drive.

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