Sports pages Sept 16 2021

This column by Donnis Hueftle-Bullock was originally published in the Sept. 16, 2021 issue of the Custer County Chief.

It is said, a community is a group of people who share something in common.

As the Chief moves forward with only Mona and myself to lay out all the pages to the paper and communicating with those who contribute the stories and photos, the sentence above defines the group of individuals that are helping report the sports for the Chief.  If we did not have the individuals writing and taking pictures there would not be much for sports in the paper.

Every business is putting in long hours, I can tell you that Mona and I will not be able to keep up the 12-hour days for much longer. I am writing this on Tuesday morning. As I drove to work today, I realized I was home 10 1/2 hours to eat supper, clean up the dishes, sleep, shower, have breakfast and drive back into town to make sure we finished the paper by 4 p.m. today.

The sun rise had a beautiful color of pink to it this morning. So many mornings lately, the color has been hidden by the haze of smoke high above in the atmosphere.  That color reminded me of the bigger picture, of the hope and how we all will get through the slump of labor shortage.  It reminded me of the grace and volunteer attitudes that the people you see with names on pictures and story lines, how they have said, “what can we do.”

Many say, “Have you contacted so-and-so?” or “You-know-who would be good.” I say, yes, we have contacted many people. If you see their name or schools name, you know they are pitching in because they believe in promoting their school.

For right now, thank you does not seem to be enough. Both Mona and I are sincere when we say we are proud for the community support in showcasing the athletes of the communities. We also ask for understanding from the “couch coaches,” who think we are not doing good enough.  It all takes time, TIME that we just do not have right now.

Thank you for reading and thank you for helping us find the solution to the labor shortage we are having at the Chief.

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