There are thirty (30) cases to report since Wednesday's update. The new cases are in the following counties:

  • Custer (13)
  • Valley (7)
  • Howard (6)
  • Garfield (2)
  • Greeley (2)
  • Individuals Tested to Date: 8,737
Negative Labs to Date: 23,395

  • Cases in the Previous 14 Days: No reporting on Jan 1
Cases in the Previous 7 Days: 94

There have been several questions in regards to the difference in the number of individuals tested (8,737) versus the negative labs to date (23,395). The first number depicts the number of PEOPLE tested, and no matter how many times tested they are only counted once. The negative labs to date depicts the number of TESTS that have occurred. Many individuals have been tested multiple times for a variety of reasons. For example, a long term care center staff member could be tested twice a week if there is an outbreak within the facility and the negative labs to date counts each negative test.

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