Front page April 29 2021

In the second article in our series on Executive Order 14008/30x30, we define easements and how they might be used to acquire land to reach the EO’s goal of 30 percent of U.S. land in conservation by 2030.

Tim Krause, Mason City a farmer and rancher and member of the Farm Bureau, was one of many who spoke at the April 13 Custer County Supervisor’s meeting.  In his presentation, he spoke in detail about easements and land trusts.

Krause said that currently, 272 million acres fit the 30x30 requirements. That’s about 12 percent. Another 409 million acres is needed to reach the goal of 681 million acres. The question is, how and where will those additional acres be acquired?...

...Why would the U.S. government use lands trusts? Krause explained that land trusts often purchase ground prior to the government’s ability to buy it then later sell the land to the government when funds are available. This is called “pre-acquisition.” ...

Find out how easements and land trusts might be used to acquire land for 30x30 in the April 29, 2021 issue of the Custer County Chief.

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...According to Custer County Supervisor Chairman Barry Fox, a resolution on 30x30 will be on the agenda for the May 11 supervisors meeting. To learn more or voice your concerns, plan to attend the meeting.

Look for more articles to educate and inform on 30x30 in future issues of the Custer County Chief.

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