First Baptist Church of Mason City

Doing the most good for everybody in the community. This is exactly what the Mason City First Baptist Church did by holding a food pantry for those in need in the community on May 21.

This marks four years that the First Baptist Church has held the Food Pantry for the Heartland in Custer County. They have embraced this program as a volunteer opportunity and as a way to make their mark on the community.

“Someone in the community asked us, would you please consider doing a food pantry and be the facilitator church,” First Baptist member Luann Burns said. “We talked to the other members of the church and said we will give it a try.”

Their food pantry on May 21 was especially important, because of all the people who have been put out of work do to the Coronavirus.

“There’s definitely a need in the area, because of the virus and the loss of jobs,” Burns said.

At this specific food pantry, the church did curbside pickup only. This helped to promote social distancing during the event.

It went extremely well as the volunteers were able to have the food carted out on the curb and ready to load in vehicles as people pulled up throughout the afternoon.

The food comes from Conagra Food Banks of the Heartland out of Omaha, NE.

Items given in the bag included peanut butter and jelly, rice, spaghetti, a bag of potatoes, a bag of oranges, a bag of apples, a bag of onions, a loaf of bread, and several other products. It is essentially a week’s supply of food for a family.

What is impressive about what the First Baptist Church does, is the fact that they only have around 70 parishioners. When putting this event on they never have to worry about having enough hands.

"We don’t have any problem getting help, it’s a joint effort,” Burns said.

This particular food pantry went very well for the church. They were given enough food for 192 families and they gave it all away in less than two hours.

“People are going to come to Mason City, and you can give away that many boxes,” Burns said as she described people’s reactions. “We had no idea; this is the most food we’ve given away at any food pantry.”

The First Baptist Church of Mason City looks to have another food pantry again, sometime during the fall of this year.

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