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An employee of the Grocery Kart in Broken Bow has test positive for COVID-19, according to information posted on the Grocery Kart's Facebook page. The employee is currently in quarantine. Store Manager Steve Fowler assures customers that the store has taken every effort and mesaure needed to protect customers and employees from further spread.

Below is the Facebook post that was posted two days ago (Oct. 3, 2020).

We want to inform our Custer County communities and loyal customers that there is one of our employees that has tested positive for COVID-19. They are currently in quarantine.

We firstly want wish that employee a speedy recovery and hope to see them happy and healthy back in our store as soon as possible.

Secondly we want our faithful customers to know we have taken every effort and measure needed to protect you and our store employees from further spread of COVID-19.

The Grocery Kart continues to be a safe store to shop in and for our employees to work in. Thank you for trusting in us and we appreciate your continued support.


Steve Fowler, Store manager/Owner

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