Barbed wire frost snow

This column by Donnis Hueftle-Bullock was originally published in the Feb. 18, 2021 issue of the Custer County Chief.

All through the pandemic we have praised the essential workers in health care, grocery stores workers and truck drivers. You get the idea and they definitely needed the praise.

The Heroes for this week would be the livestock producer, large or small.  How many times since the weather has been below zero did you enjoy a hamburger, steak, bacon or ham, an egg or any other kind of food?

Guess what? Every day, when there was rain, when there was a snow storm and, now that the weather has been below zero, the livestock producers are the Heroes.   Equipment they use to feed does not always want to work in this temperature, not to mention the water that these animals need (have you ever seen water flow at will when the temps are this cold?) Getting frozen water hydrants and hoses thawed takes hours in a day that many really don’t have with this cold.  These livestock producers are out in it, making sure the animals they care for are fed.  So, in turn, we all could be fed.  Let’s give praise to them.

On another subject, we all do what we can do.  For more times than I care to count now, the Custer County Chief papers are just not making the right connections for deliveries.  I can tell you each and every week here at the Chief, we get your paper into the correct mailing tub, with the correct bar code on it for your zip code.  Then our local post office gets that tub onto the correct truck to be sent on.

Remember the days when there was not all the red tape with the post office, when you mailed a letter in Broken Bow and it was stamped canceled in Broken Bow?  Now it has to go to Omaha and then back to Broken Bow. And guess what, Omaha does not care to answer to us about what went wrong and why your paper is taking so long to get to you. In this day and age of improvement in communication I feel we have taken a huge step back.

I am thankful that when we give papers to the Broken Bow Post Office, they are allowed to keep the Broken Bow tubs here and aren’t sent to Grand Island or Omaha.  I just don’t know what to do about the rest of the papers, short of hiring one person to drive them everywhere. But with all the miles involved and icy roads at times, I am still not sure what would be the best route.  Do you have thoughts?

Keep in mind, we WANT your paper to arrive to you on Thursday, like the good old days, but we are not being given that much these days.  All we can do is thank you again for your support. At least there is one silver lining. We still have control  over getting the e-edition posted (the one just like the paper copy). At least we can say that is being delivered on time!  Thank you all for reading.

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