HumanKindness Jan 2021

This column by General Manager Donnis Hueftle-Bullock was first published in the Jan. 21, 2021 issue of the Custer County Chief.


I realize the word above is spelled incorrectly but what did you think when you looked at it?  Did you recall something you did this past week that you could say you were in that category?  Or did you have an act of HumanKindness given to you this past week?

You might even say this week of all weeks I should have written about the inauguration in D.C.  Since I write this  Tuesday morning to make press that afternoon for the Chief to be in your mailbox Thursday morning, I am just praying that all acts that took place on Wednesday, either in our state capital or our Nation’s capital, everyone practiced HumanKindness. I’ll go so far to say that as we start our new year and new power in Washington that the nation adopts HumanKindness as their word for the year.

Now you are going to ask me what qualifies for you to be in the HumanKindness category?

Did you give a word of praise to someone? Did you bake something special for someone for no special reason?  Did you open the door for someone?  Did you call or write a letter to someone to reach out and make them smile for the day? Did you give that person you meet a smile?  (Let’s back up, I find myself smiling at people I meet at the grocery store and other places but who can see it?) When we can finally shed theses masks and see each other again, won’t it be wonderful to see their smiles? Now, back to topic!

I looked up the meaning of kindness. It  states “the quality or state of being kind, treating people with kindness and respect.” Other words you can use for kindness are forbearance, gentleness, goodness, humanity, solicitude, sympathy, tenderness or tolerance.

There has sometimes been the “thing” to do, pay it forward, buying the lunch of the person in the drive-up line behind you.  This HumanKindness I am suggesting will not cost you a dime. It will improve your mentality for the day and improve how you feel overall.

I would love to hear from you. Call me at 308-872-2471, stop by the office or email me at let me know your act of HumanKindness.  Imagine if I can write a column in the future to share acts of HumanKindness that Chief readers are doing. We can start this phase of HumanKindness with you all and imagine how it could spread beyond this readership into the world.

I encourage you all to take a breath this week, no matter what happened in Washington on Wednesday and make HumanKindness your new word for this new year.

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