Custer County Supervisors Sumner Rd April 27 2021

Several residents who live on Sumner Road in Custer County, Neb. attended the April 27, 2021 Custer County Board of Supervisors meeting to present concerns about the condition of Sumner Road.

This column by Donnis Hueftle-Bullock was originally published in the April 29, 2021 issue of the Custer County Chief.

I want to congratulate the 20 Sumner Road residents who came to Tuesday’s Custer County Supervisors meeting (April 27, 2021) to voice their concern about the shape of the Sumner Road and for those who took time out of their work day to be there in numbers.

We all pay taxes and go about our lives day in and day out.  I have addressed it before in my column and articles about the number of people who go to public meetings - public meetings where decisions are made about taxes we pay and what they are used for.

It seems in the past two Custer County Board of Supervisors meetings, if you talk about the land - any type of the land  like 30x30 at the April 13 meeting or the Sumner Road at the April 27 meeting, you will have numbers attending.

Before the Bomb Cyclone of 2019, Custer County had 300 miles of hard-surfaced roads.  It has all been talked about that “back-in-the-day,” nobody seems quite sure when all the black top roads in the county were put in.  The Supervisors and roads department have realized over the years, they have not had the staff or the budget to maintain the hard-surfaced roads. Therefore, the destruction that has occurred over the years of heavier weight traffic, higher number of people traveling on the roads and the bomb cyclone has caused many hard-surfaced roads to now be turned into gravel.

All the people want to know is, “What is the plan?”

I am sure both sides of the fence can point fingers.  Some say, “We are doing all we can with the money we have.” Others just want to know what the plan is and how do we know about it or find it.

To say, “It is in the One- and Six-Year Program” is an easy answer for both. If you only know how to get all the details of the One and Six, that would be simple

I am also a resident who once lived on a hard-surfaced road that is now gravel (Ryno Road).  I am also usually at all the Supervisors meetings.  I happened to have missed the Feb. 9 meeting where they voted on the One and Six.  I have found a copy of the minutes of the Feb. 9 meeting that were published in the March 11 Sargent Leader, but I see no detail on what is in the One- and Six-Year plans.

As the meeting Tuesday had some emotion in it, I would say to both sides, “Know what is being voted on,” and when where the information can be found.

Notices for each of the upcoming meeting is usually published in the Custer County Chief the week prior to the meeting.  The agenda is usually sent to me on the Friday before and the public can view it at the county’s website.  The minutes are to be published 10 working days after a meeting. I have found minutes in several of the Custer County newspapers at various different times.  

The main point is talk with your supervisor, be aware of how the county tax dollars are spent and show up to meetings.

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