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This column by Mona Weatherly was originally published in the May 12, 2022 issue of the Custer County Chief.

I write this on Primary Election Day.

Like many of you, I voted.

Unlike most of you, I didn’t have that many choices on my ballot. As a registered Democrat, there weren’t a lot of names to chose. Still, I voted. There were choices to be made in some non-partisan races and I wanted my vote to count.

By the time you are reading this, we will know who the winners are in the primary election. Results will come rolling in well after we send pages to Kearney for printing. We will have official results in next week’s paper, barring any complications or challenges.

No doubt we going to notice quite a change in the noise around us. The ranting and raving and accusing finger pointing campaign ads on radio, TV and Internet will suddenly cease.

The silence will be welcome.

I hope those who advance to the November general election give us a break before jumping in and stirring up troubled waters against their opponents.

I wish the candidates would give serious thought to the effect that a relentless negative campaign has on voters. It’s discouraging. With so many people already seeing politicians and government in a negative light, why toss more fuel on the proverbial fire? OK, so you’ve proven that you can call names and point fingers but what does that say about your ability to govern?

The ads all run together - both negative and otherwise. I’d look up from my book or needlework - with the TV blessedly muted, of course - only long enough to know when I could turn on the sound again and return to regular programming.

This fall, the Chief will again pick up the cause and reach out to candidates with questions to help our readers determine who they would like to vote for. But for now ... quiet, blessed quiet.

I’ve been wondering what ads will fill the void. No doubt we will see an increase in the advertisements for treatments of psoriasis, arthritis, constipation, stress, depression, heart disease and a myriad of other conditions. After this primary election, maybe we will need such things!

On a different note, could it be that spring is really here, or did we jump directly from winter to summer? I finally got out and started yard work. The perennials are looking good, some lilacs are blooming and others are budding and I’ve set out some annuals. My husband and I also planted a handful of elderberry bushes. The ones we planted about ten years ago didn’t survive the attention from the deer and other critters. Maybe we’ll have better luck this time around.

I hope you enjoy the photos from the local graduations in this week’s issue. I hope to get extra photos that didn’t make it to the paper posted on our website. If you see one or two that you like, know that we do sell photos so don’t hesitate to call us.

It’s Tuesday. It’s a few hours from press time. It’s a few more hours until the polls close. Hopefully the evening will bring both gracious winners and gracious losers. Then let’s enjoy the quiet until November rolls around.

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