Made in America

This column by Donnis Hueftle-Bullock was first published in the Oct. 21, 2021 issue of the Custer County Chief.

Chip saw on Facebook last week a post - Made in America is not stuck on a ship or on a dock waiting to be unloaded.

That is so true. Over the years, more and more goods are being produced overseas. As a young child, I remember seeing pictures on TV of empty factories and workers without jobs because products could be manufactured cheaper over seas.

Think back now. If some of those items would not have gone overseas for manufacturing where would we be today?

As the news keeps telling everyone to do their Christmas shopping early because the store might be out of the toy manufactured in China, maybe it is time to look at WHAT is Made in America and shop here. It might not be the latest toy, it might not be what is trending, but think about the support that would be given to the Made in America products.

You can do a Google search on Made in America and you can come up with a list of items and where to get them at.

First, always check right here in Broken Bow and all the boutique shops in Custer County.  I know one shop in Arnold that specifically has items that have been made by former Arnold residents or that have a tie to Arnold.  That is truly Made in America.

At the Made in America site, just under clothing and apparel, there were 124 business names listed. And I did not count the names under swim wear, babies and kids’ denim and jeans.  I also did not count the luggage, bags, handbag and wallet, footwear, outdoor, kitchen or home.

You get the idea, and many of the local shops carry these items.

As you listen to the news and they tell you to get out and shop early, I encourage you to first think local. Ask about Made in America products at all the local stores and once again this holiday season, Custer County, show our pride that you do not need gifts that are sitting in a ship or not being unloaded on a dock. Custer County strong and Made in America strong.

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