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This column by Donnis Hueftle-Bullock was originally published in the July 22, 2021 Custer County Chief.

I attended a meeting this week. As I sat down next to another business manager, he said, “I was reading the paper the other day and thought, you never get a break, you do an amazing job.”

Those are very kind words for myself and my staff of four. I do believe we do an amazing job.

Like many other businesses, we are short in staff members but you notice the paper keeps going out each and every 52 weeks of the year. Every staff member has taken on talking to businesses about advertising to keep their business in front of the readers as well as keeping up on making sure all the

Legals get posted accurately, invoices get out, papers still get delivered and stories get covered.  We can not thank some of the community members enough for sending in photos and taking the time to talk with us over the phone for an interview so we can continue to cover the many events around us.

Something that used to take five to six hours and travel time to get the photo and story are happening faster.  All of us enjoy getting out and covering the events in person, but we have learned how to work smarter and still get your paper out on time.

With that, everyone deserves a break, this week. David is traveling to a family wedding outstate so that means driving to pick up the X-tra and getting it out will fall on the others.  Mona and I will be taking some time off in August and September. You might see a smaller publication those weeks but we will still get you your news.

Our business is not the only business that keeps moving forward with the shortage of workforce. As every business navigates through this changing time, keeping business going we appreciate the kind words.

We also encourage anyone out there who would like to make a difference and fill a few hours in their life to join our team.  We would take you one to five days a week. I am sure you are out there.

One thing about working at the Chief, each week is never the same, so if you are in a job that has you doing the same thing day after day, give me a call.

In the mean time, for our own sanity, we will be taking a break here and there but you will still get your paper!

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