City Council Nov 10 2020 Broken Bow

A sign of the times. Broken Bow City Council member David Schmidt (inset) attends Tuesday's council meeting remotely while in quarantine to possible COVID-19 exposure.

Tuesday evening, Nov. 10. the Broken Bow City Council met in person at 6 p.m. with one member, David Schmidt, attending remotely due to quarantine for possible COVID-19 exposure.

The council approved a 30 day request for the property at 139 S. 14th. Property owner Greg Barker said he has been working on the property, has replaced an old air condition unit with a window, filled in the front porch, put on a new garage door and other improvements. He plans on painting as weather cooperates and adding lattice to the porch.

Police Chief Scott said the property looks better than it did and aid he was not opposed to the extension. He mentioned that some trees had been torn down and there were branches in the yard.

Barker said the branches were not a problem, he could remove them. He asked what else specifically he needed to do. The council approved a 30 day extension during which Barker will consult with Chief Scott on specifics for the property.

The city approved four parking spaces on South 8th Avenue, in front of the high school, for students and two parents who were awarded the spaces by school events. Parking will be reserved Monday-Friday, 7 a.m.- 4 p.m.

The Council approved moving forward with SCADA (a new software for water management) contract with HOA (hand, off & automatic).

The Council approved a new handibus passenger handbook as well as a resolution on the handibus and office space for the handibus. Nothing has changed, new language was needed per the state of Nebraska.

The space in front of the steps for the Driver’s Licensing Testing building has been changed into a No Parking Space. The steps were fixed and now extend further past the curb which cut into the existing parking space.

At 6:21 p.m., the council went into closed session for a strategy session with respect to collective bargaining.

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