Nebraska State Patrol NSP harvest safety October 2021

Harvest is in full swing across Nebraska and the Nebraska State Patrol encourages all motorists to be aware of agriculture equipment traveling on roads throughout the state.

“Agriculture producers across Nebraska are busy moving from field to field right now, so all motorists should stay alert for slow-moving ag implements,” Captain Martin Denton, Commander of NSP Carrier Enforcement, said. “At the same time, we ask all ag producers to be safe on the roads as well.”

Motorists are reminded that combines, grain carts, tractors, and other agriculture implements typically travel at slower speeds. Due to their dimensions and loads, operator visibility is often reduced. Drivers are urged to be cautious when approaching, following, or attempting to pass farm vehicles.

Ag producers across Nebraska utilize a harvest permit to move their products to market. There are a number of benefits with this permit, including a gross overweight allowance of up to 15 percent above state law. To utilize the harvest exemption, the product owner should provide the hauler with a signed statement of origin and destination. (An example can be viewed at left or viewed/downloaded at

Haulers should maintain the safety of their vehicle by conducting pre-trip inspections, voluntarily comply with traffic safety laws, display warning signs on machinery, use flashing yellow caution lights when traveling, and be aware of vehicles that may be attempting to pass.

“Harvest season is a busy time around Nebraska,” Captain Denton said. “We can all show our appreciation to Nebraska farmers and ranchers by keeping an eye out on the roads and helping get their valuable products to market. Let’s work together to make this a safe harvest season.”

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