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In this week’s issue of the Custer County Chief, we included a post from the Phillips County (Colorado) Sheriff’s Office that asked the public to be on the lookout for a control vehicle, perhaps a van or trailer with antennas. However, on Wednesday, Jan. 8, the Phillips County Sheriff’s Office rescinded the request and posted the following on Facebook:

The information the Phillips County Sheriff’s Office previously posted requesting the public’s assistance in locating command vehicles associated with the drone issue is no longer pertinent or relevant. The Phillips County Sheriff’s Office is not the task force and our jurisdiction does not extend past Phillips County Colorado. We will no longer be making any statements or press releases about the drone incidents. Thank you.

In Nebraska, the public can report suspicious activity using the NIAC (Nebraska Information Analysis Center) reporting tool online at https://sars.nebraska.gov, according to a Jan. 8 tweet on the Nebraska State Patrol’s Twitter feed.

Guidelines for making a report include:

Report: Report sightings of clusters of four or more UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) or suspicious activity to https://sars.nebraska.gov. For questions, contact the NIAC at 402-479-4049.

Location: The reporting party’s location and general direction and  movement of the suspected UAS cluster from that location and the general direction of travel.

Description: Lights (configuration, number. color, patterns), estimated size, number of rotors, if fixed wing and shape(s). What did they sound like?

Behavior: What is the flight behavior? Did they fly straight, move side to side, up/down, back/forth, in a grid pattern, over what area, etc.) What was the duration of observation? How long were the UASs in the air? What time were they observed?

Command/Control: Look for potential control vehicles/personnel, SUVs, vans or trailers, possible with antenna.

Video: If possible, take or obtain video of the objects and forward the video to NIAC, via nefusioncenter@nebraska.gov.

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