Custer County Courthouse close up Nov 2020

Currently with the positive COVID cases among county employees, the Treasurer's office at the Custer County Courthouse remains closed until Nov. 18.

Register of Deeds office was closed for the day Nov. 10, Chairman Barry Fox Tuesday afternoon, it was hoped to be opened after that.

The Recycling Center also has positive cases and currently is closed. Tuesday afternoon it was unclear if the center would be open.

With the general increase of COVID cases locally and currently six positive cases with court house employees, the Custer County Board of Supervisors met in person and via Zoom, Tuesday, Nov. 10, 2020.

COVID 19 sick pay and guidelines were discussed.  The basic CARES Act guidelines  will be followed; county employees can qualify for the 14 days per the government guidelines.  If the employee will need additional time, the county sick leave will take effect.  The Supervisors went into closed session to discuss the COVID guidelines and to protect the reputation of an individual, no action was taken in closed session.

The public hearing on Relocation of Rd. #857 was postponed to the next regular meeting, November 24, due to inclement weather and the land owner unable to attend the meeting in person or via zoom.

All supervisors were present in person or via zoom: Bobby Myers, Dist. #1; Tammy Kleeb, Dist. #2; Barry Fox, Dist. #3; Dwain Bryner, Dist. #4; Don Olson, Dist. #5; Matthew Eggleston, Dist. #6; Doug Stunkel, Dist. #7.

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