Weather Oct 11 2021

A strong storm system will impact central Nebraska starting Tuesday (10/12/21) with severe thunderstorms possible. On Wednesday gusty winds of 40 to 50 mph will be likely. Temperatures will become quite chilly Thursday morning with frost possible, especially west of Highway 83.

Severe thunderstorms will be possible over much of central and eastern Nebraska Tuesday  beginning in the afternoon with the greatest threat during the evening. Main hazards will be large hail and damaging winds.

Winds will be strong on Wednesday with gusts up to 40 and 50 mph. The strongest gusts will be across western and southwest Nebraska and into the Sandhills. Winds will be strongest in the morning and afternoon and should diminish after sunset.

Custer County should see gusts in the 40-45 range as should Imperial, Curtis, North Platte, Stapleton, Burwell, Ainsworth, Valentine and O'Neill.

Higher gusts of 45-50 are forecast for Mullen, Ellsworth, Oshkosh, Ogallala, Blaine County and much of southern Cherry County.

Thursday will bring some of the coldest temperatures of the season so far with morning lows in the northwest Sandhillls to be in the mid to upper 20s. The rest of the Sandhills into southwest Nebraska will see temperatures in the low to mid 30s.

Custer County and central Nebraska is forecast to reach 33 degrees Thursday morning.

Areas of widespread frost is expected generally west of Hwy 83 (North Platte to Valentine) with patchy frost expected east of Hwy 83.

Before the system arrives, however, mild temps and mostly sunny skies are forecast for Monday and Tuesday with a high of 73 on Monday afternoon and 74 on Tuesday for central Nebraska. Wednesday will see sunny skies and a high near 59 along with the winds. Daytime temps for Thursday and Friday are forecast to be in the upper 50 with mostly sunny skies.

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