A strong cold front crossing western and central Nebraska on Tuesday (10/19/21) will result in precipitation across much of the area, bringing a wintry mix to the northwest parts of the state.

Rain showers are expected to develop in the Panhandle and northwest Nebraska Tuesday afternoon. Preciptation will spread over the Sandhills and north central Nebraska Tuesday evening. A few thunderstorms may be develop.

In some area, rain will transition to snow early Wednesday with one to two inches of snow possible along the Pine Ridge. Precipitation will change back to rain and end midday Wednesday.

Little precipitation is expected for southwest and central parts of Nebraska. Tuesday high for Custer County is forecast to be around 74 degrees with daytime highs dropping  to 50 on Wednesday.

Gusts up to 30 mph may occur on Tuesday in some areas with gusts up to 40 mph or greater could occur on Wednesday.

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