Callaway Good Life Center's fifth anniversary marks milestone

Staff Writer

The Good Life Center in Callaway, Neb, celebrated its fifth anniversary Nov. 1, 2017.

This wasn't just any ordinary business anniversary, though.

Five years ago, the skilled care facility came closed to being closed for good. A year before that, the Evangelical Lutheran Good Samaritan Society decided to close it and people immediately began to work towards saving the 35 bed facility. A meeting was held as the deadline loomed and community members stepped forward with donations and pledges. Within 24 hours, $250,000 was either donated or pledged. The facility became the Callaway Good Life Center.

The five year anniversary marks an important milestone. The contract between the Good Samaritan Society and the Good Life Center stated that if the Good Life Center went under within five years, all beds reverted back to Good Samaritan Society. "That ended last night," Ron Jorgenson of Callaway said Wednesday at the soup and supper celebration.

Jorgenson, who recently stepped down as President Board of Directors, was instrumental in the work done to save the facility. He was presented with a lifetime achievement award as well as a a quilt and a pillow signed by those at the Good Life Center.

The center is a non-profit center owned by the community, administrator Vicky Hendrick said. "The people you see here, it's community owned," she said. "Any profit goes directly back into the facility."

When people are asked what makes the facility special, often repeated words in the answers are "Home" and "Family." Social Services Designatee Janel Brestel said "It's home-like. That's the advantage of a small community. It's like family."

The facility is currently at capacity. All beds are MediCare/MediCaid certified. Long term care is provided as well as short term rehabilitation.

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