BB Girls Timeout

Broken Bow gets ready to go back on to the court after a timeout during their game against Gibbon Saturday evening.


Jan. 7

Anselmo-Merna-48, NPSP-58

Ansley/Litchfield-61, Overton-44

Broken Bow-57, McCook-67

South Loup-52, Hershey-38

Twin Loup-16, CWC-56

Jan. 9

Ansley/Litchfield-56, Amherst-58

Arcadia/Loup City-48, Wood River-46

SEM-69, Hi-Line-51

South Loup-41, Sandhills/Thedford-27

Jan. 10

Broken Bow-46, Holdrege-60

Mullen-54, Brady-30

Sandhills/Thedford-32, Sutherland-34

SEM-52, Axtell-56

Jan. 11

Anselmo-Merna-56, St. Mary’s-47

Ansley/Litchfield-61, Ravenna-43

Broken Bow-36, Gibbon-47

Mullen-55, Wallace-38

South Loup-73, Bertrand-52

Twin Loup-29, Pleasanton-76


Jan. 7

Anselmo-Merna-29, NPSP-44

Ansley/Litchfield-28, Overton-51

Broken Bow-68, McCook-32

South Loup-44, Hershey-29

Twin Loup-36, CWC-64

Jan. 9

Ansley/Litchfield-39, Amherst-33

Arcadia/Loup City-51, Wood River-47

SEM-28, Hi-Line-35

South Loup-54, Sandhills/Thedford-7

Jan. 10

Broken Bow-37, Holdrege-27

Mullen-61, Brady-19

Sandhills/Thedford-21, Sutherland-54

SEM-53, Axtell-45

Jan. 11

Anselmo-Merna-41, St. Mary’s-29

Ansley/Litchfield-28, Ravenna-50

Broken Bow-55, Gibbon-13

Mullen-57, Wallace-34

South Loup-50, Bertrand-9

Twin Loup-15, Pleasanton-63

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