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The Broken Bow wrestling team hosted a triang. with Valentine and Gothenburg at the Middle School Gymnasium Jan. 16. The evening began with Broken Bow wrestling Valentine. Valentine beat Broken Bow 46-27. In the next dual Valentine beat Gothenburg 52-30. Broken Bow finished the night off wrestling Gothenburg. Broken Bow won 48-36 as they went 1-1 on the night.

    Following are the results.

Broken Bow-27, Valentine-46

285: Tyler Thomas (BRBO) over Steven Fullerton (VALE) (Fall 1:53) 106: Casey Miller (VALE) over Treyton Hurlburt (BRBO) (Fall 1:00) 113: Wilson Cucul Tzin (BRBO) over (VALE) (For.) 120: Ashton Lurz (VALE) over Brody Ridder (BRBO) (TF 17-2 5:20) 126: Chris Williams (VALE) over Casey Faulkenberry (BRBO) (MD 16-3) 132: Schylar Campbell (BRBO) over Cody Miller (VALE) (Dec 5-3) 138: Conner Fowler (VALE) over Braylan Rynearson (BRBO) (Dec 8-4) 145: Gage Krolikowski (VALE) over Austin Cole (BRBO) (Fall 1:34) 152: Drake Janssen (VALE) over Jack Myers (BRBO) (Fall 1:56) 160: Tagg Buechle (VALE) over Nick Shada (BRBO) (MD 13-3) 170: Sage Schrunk (VALE) over (BRBO) (For.) 182: Lathan Duda (BRBO) over Ryan O`Kief (VALE) (Fall 2:40) 195: Tanner Yager (VALE) over (BRBO) (For.) 220: Keifer Anderson (BRBO) over Jayce Anderson (VALE) (Fall 3:38).

Valentine-52, Gothenburg-30

106: John Stanley (GOTH) over (VALE) (For.) 113: Casey Miller (VALE) over Abel Flores (GOTH) (Fall 2:30) 120: Ashton Lurz (VALE) over Carson Stevens (GOTH) (Fall 0:22) 126: Chris Williams (VALE) over Corbyn Sattler (GOTH) (Fall 2:52) 132: Cody Miller (VALE) over Ty Hotz (GOTH) (Fall 4:38) 138: Gage Krolikowski (VALE) over Brandon Schriner (GOTH) (Fall 0:20) 145: Corben Libich (GOTH) over Kadon Wenig (VALE) (Fall 3:41) 152: Drake Janssen (VALE) over Jonah Shimmin (GOTH) (MD 14-1) 160: Riley Baker (GOTH) over Tagg Buechle (VALE) (Fall 3:52) 170: Trenton Peterson (GOTH) over Sage Schrunk (VALE) (Fall 3:01) 182: Ryan O`Kief (VALE) over Zach Smith (GOTH) (Fall 0:40) 195: Tanner Yager (VALE) over (GOTH) (For.) 220: Jacob Olson (GOTH) over Jayce Anderson (VALE) (Fall 3:48) 285: Steven Fullerton (VALE) over Alex Geiser (GOTH) (Fall 4:32).

Broken Bow-48, Gothenburg-36

113: Wilson Cucul Tzin (BRBO) over Carson Stevens (GOTH) (Fall 2:16) 120: Brody Ridder (BRBO) over (GOTH) (For.) 126: Casey Faulkenberry (BRBO) over Corbyn Sattler (GOTH) (Fall 0:58) 132: Schylar Campbell (BRBO) over Ty Hotz (GOTH) (Fall 1:02) 138: Brandon Schriner (GOTH) over Braylan Rynearson (BRBO) (Fall 1:31) 145: Corben Libich (GOTH) over (BRBO) (For.) 152: Brendan Libich (GOTH) over Jack Myers (BRBO) (Fall 3:50) 160: Riley Baker (GOTH) over Nick Shada (BRBO) (Fall 1:22) 170: Trenton Peterson (GOTH) over (BRBO) (For.) 182: Lathan Duda (BRBO) over Zach Smith (GOTH) (Fall 0:26) 195: Thomas Wright (GOTH) over (BRBO) (For.) 220: Keifer Anderson (BRBO) over Jacob Olson (GOTH) (Fall 0:42) 285: Tyler Thomas (BRBO) over Alex Geiser (GOTH) (Fall 0:58) 106: Lane Russell (BRBO) over John Stanley (GOTH) (Fall 2:41).

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