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The Broken Bow Wrestling team got their season underway at a triangular in Wood River Thursday with Arcadia/Loup City. Broken Bow beat Wood River 72-12 and Arcadia/Loup City 60-24. Arcadia/Loup City and Wood River tied 42-42. Following are the individual results.

Broken Bow (BRBO) 60.0 Arcadia/Loup City (ALC) 24.0

145: Logan Gregory (ALC) over Grant Reynolds (BRBO) (Fall 1:22) 152: Tryon Calleroz (ALC) over Jack Myers (BRBO) (Fall 3:19) 160: Nick Shada (BRBO) over Lance Sears (ALC) (Fall 0:25) 170: Ethan Krzycki (ALC) over Hagen Campbell (BRBO) (Fall 5:56) 182: Lathan Duda (BRBO) over Gilbert Rodriguez (ALC) (Fall 0:27) 195: Kaden Powers (BRBO) over Cameron Russell (ALC) (Fall 0:46) 220: Keifer Anderson (BRBO) over Brandon Placzek (ALC) (Fall 0:44) 285: Jakob Jerabek (ALC) over Tyler Thomas (BRBO) (Fall 1:36) 106: Lane Russell (BRBO) over Ty Greenland (ALC) (Fall 0:34) 113: William Tercero (BRBO) over (ALC) (For.) 120: Trey Garey (BRBO) over Kaden Reeves (ALC) (Fall 1:03) 126: Schylar Campbell (BRBO) over (ALC) (For.) 132: Patrick Powers (BRBO) over (ALC) (For.) 138: Austin Cole (BRBO) over Chase Stieb (ALC) (Fall 1:11)

Broken Bow (BRBO) 72.0 Wood River (WORI) 12.0

152: Jack Myers (BRBO) over Wyatt Thorp (WORI) (Fall 4:19) 160: Nick Shada (BRBO) over (WORI) (For.) 170: Hagen Campbell (BRBO) over Gavin Jackson (WORI) (Fall 4:46) 182: Lathan Duda (BRBO) over (WORI) (For.) 195: Kaden Powers (BRBO) over Colin Hurley (WORI) (Fall 1:06) 220: Keifer Anderson (BRBO) over Ulises Guerrero (WORI) (Fall 4:00) 285: Tyler Thomas (BRBO) over Tommy Leetch (WORI) (Fall 0:20) 106: Riley Waddington (WORI) over William Tercero (BRBO) (Fall 0:13) 113: Brendyn Wagner (WORI) over Lane Russell (BRBO) (Fall 3:19) 120: Trey Garey (BRBO) over Victor Castro (WORI) (Fall 1:28) 126: Schylar Campbell (BRBO) over Nate Tillman (WORI) (Fall 1:01) 132: Patrick Powers (BRBO) over Carson Thompson (WORI) (Fall 3:58) 138: Austin Cole (BRBO) over Nick Brodigan (WORI) (Fall 1:22) 145: Grant Reynolds (BRBO) over Gunnar Lacey (WORI) (Fall 0:45)

Arcadia/Loup City (ALC) 42 Wood River (WORI) 42

160: Lance Sears (ALC) over (WORI) (For.) 170: Ethan Krzycki (ALC) over Gavin Jackson (WORI) (Fall 3:05) 182: Gilbert Rodriguez (ALC) over Hezi Reyes (WORI) (Fall 0:32) 195: Colin Hurley (WORI) over Cameron Russell (ALC) (Fall 2:58) 220: Ulises Guerrero (WORI) over Brandon Placzek (ALC) (Fall 1:59) 285: Jakob Jerabek (ALC) over (WORI) (For.) 106: Riley Waddington (WORI) over Ty Greenland (ALC) (Fall 0:51) 113: Brendyn Wagner (WORI) over (ALC) (For.) 120: Victor Castro (WORI) over Kaden Reeves (ALC) (Fall 2:36) 126: Nate Tillman (WORI) over (ALC) (For.) 132: Carson Thompson (WORI) over (ALC) (For.) 138: Chase Stieb (ALC) over Nick Brodigan (WORI) (Fall 3:03) 145: Logan Gregory (ALC) over Gunnar Lacey (WORI) (Fall 1:16) 152: Tryon Calleroz (ALC) over Wyatt Thorp (WORI) (Fall 3:55)

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