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Broken Bow traveled to Gothenburg Jan. 18 to compete in their scramble tournament.

    Adams Central came out on top with GINW coming in second. Gering finished 3rd, Sidney 4th, Holdrege 5th, Broken Bow 6th, Chadron 7th and Gothenburg 8th.

    Broken Bow had duals with five teams. The Indians began the day with a loss to Holdrege 43-27. They also lost their second dual to Gering 56-24 and third dual to Sideny 38-19. Broken Bow then finished the day strong with a 42-30 win over Chadron and 48-36 win over Gothenburg.

    Following are the results of Broken Bow at Gothenburg.

Broken Bow-27, Holdrege-43

132: Schylar Campbell (BRBO) over Jacob Janssen (HOLD) (Dec 7-2) 138: Braylan Rynearson (BRBO) over Mason Marquardt (HOLD) (Dec 6-2) 145: Treven Melroy (HOLD) over Jack Myers (BRBO) (Fall 2:30) 152: Sam Holt (HOLD) over Nick Shada (BRBO) (Fall 1:08) 160: Cade Kirwan (HOLD) over Layton Lindner (BRBO) (Fall 1:17) 170: Damian Smith (HOLD) over (BRBO) (For.) 182: Lathan Duda (BRBO) over Deven Anderson (HOLD) (Fall 1:15) 195: Imanol Munoz (HOLD) over (BRBO) (For.) 220: Trent Weak (HOLD) over Keifer Anderson (BRBO) (Dec 14-9) 285: Tyler Thomas (BRBO) over Connor Fulmer (HOLD) (Fall 0:18) 106: Lane Russell (BRBO) over Matt Janssen (HOLD) (TB-1 10-8) 113: Brayden Schmalz (HOLD) over Wilson Cucul Tzin (BRBO) (Fall 0:41) 120: Cade Wiese (HOLD) over Brody Ridder (BRBO) (MD 15-1) 126: Casey Faulkenberry (BRBO) over Brandon Carpenter (HOLD) (Fall 3:57).

Broken Bow-24, Gering-56

138: Nate Rocheleau (GERI) over Braylan Rynearson (BRBO) (Fall 0:59) 145: Albert Stone (GERI) over Jack Myers (BRBO) (Fall 2:41) 152: Keenan Allen (GERI) over Nick Shada (BRBO) (Fall 2:58) 160: Jacob Awiszus (GERI) over Layton Lindner (BRBO) (Fall 0:39) 170: Eli Thompson (GERI) over (BRBO) (For.) 182: Lathan Duda (BRBO) over Taydon Gorsuch (GERI) (Fall 3:00) 195: Andrew Mount (GERI) over (BRBO) (For.) 220: Keifer Anderson (BRBO) over Iziah Blanco (GERI) (Fall 1:11) 285: Tyler Thomas (BRBO) over Tucker Hixon (GERI) (Fall 0:26) 106: Quinton Chavez (GERI) over Treyton Hurlburt (BRBO) (Fall 0:27) 113: Joseph Barraza (GERI) over Amarion McFarland (BRBO) (Fall 0:52) 120: Paul Ruff (GERI) over Brody Ridder (BRBO) (TF 15-0 2:36) 126: Casey Faulkenberry (BRBO) over Jr Aguilar (GERI) (Fall 1:58) 132: Nathaniel Murillo (GERI) over Schylar Campbell (BRBO) (Dec 7-2).

Broken Bow-29, Sidney-38

145: Jack Myers (BRBO) over Deekun Cerenil (SIDN) (Dec 8-2) 152: Nick Shada (BRBO) over Tristen Whited (SIDN) (Fall 2:39) 160: Cauyer Glanz (SIDN) over Layton Lindner (BRBO) (TF 16-1 3:17) 170: Brady Robb (SIDN) over (BRBO) (For.) 182: Double Forfeit 195: Lathan Duda (BRBO) over Hunter Ahrendt (SIDN) (TF 17-1 2:00) 220: Nathan Hofrock (SIDN) over (BRBO) (For.) 285: Tyler Thomas (BRBO) over Brandon Lock (SIDN) (Dec 8-3) 106: Lane Russell (BRBO) over (SIDN) (For.) 113: Austin Munier (SIDN) over Wilson Cucul Tzin (BRBO) (Fall 0:14) 120: Julian Maytorena (SIDN) over Brody Ridder (BRBO) (Fall 2:32) 126: Casey Faulkenberry (BRBO) over Jordan Ruiz (SIDN) (Fall 1:34) 132: Jacob Peckham (SIDN) over Schylar Campbell (BRBO) (Dec 5-1) 138: Paul Houser (SIDN) over Braylan Rynearson (BRBO) (Fall 3:50).

Broken Bow-42, Chadron-30

152: Rhett Cullers (CHAD) over Nick Shada (BRBO) (Fall 0:59) 160: Kade Waggener (CHAD) over Layton Lindner (BRBO) (Fall 0:19) 170: Double Forfeit 182: Lathan Duda (BRBO) over (CHAD) (For.) 195: Double Forfeit 220: Isaiah Beye (CHAD) over (BRBO) (For.) 285: Tyler Thomas (BRBO) over (CHAD) (For.) 106: Paige Denke (CHAD) over Treyton Hurlburt (BRBO) (Fall 1:36) 113: Wilson Cucul Tzin (BRBO) over Braden Underwood (CHAD) (Fall 0:59) 120: Amarion McFarland (BRBO) over Eric Vahrenkamp (CHAD) (Fall 2:51) 126: Brody Ridder (BRBO) over (CHAD) (For.) 132: Casey Faulkenberry (BRBO) over Kolby Denke (CHAD) (Fall 1:52) 138: Schylar Campbell (BRBO) over Chayton Bynes (CHAD) (Fall 1:41) 145: Daniel Wellnitz (CHAD) over Jack Myers (BRBO) (Fall 1:50).

Broken Bow-48, Gothenburg-36

160: Riley Baker (GOTH) over Layton Lindner (BRBO) (Fall 1:20) 170: Trenton Peterson (GOTH) over (BRBO) (For.) 182: Lathan Duda (BRBO) over Isaiah Young (GOTH) (Fall 2:38) 195: Zach Smith (GOTH) over (BRBO) (For.) 220: Jacob Olson (GOTH) over (BRBO) (For.) 285: Tyler Thomas (BRBO) over Alex Geiser (GOTH) (Fall 0:18) 106: Treyton Hurlburt (BRBO) over John Stanley (GOTH) (DQ) 113: Wilson Cucul Tzin (BRBO) over Carson Stevens (GOTH) (Fall 4:00) 120: Brody Ridder (BRBO) over (GOTH) (For.) 126: Casey Faulkenberry (BRBO) over Corbyn Sattler (GOTH) (Fall 0:37) 132: Schylar Campbell (BRBO) over Ty Hotz (GOTH) (Fall 0:26) 138: Braylan Rynearson (BRBO) over Brandon Schriner (GOTH) (Fall 5:20) 145: Corben Libich (GOTH) over Jack Myers (BRBO) (Fall 1:21) 152: Jonah Shimmin (GOTH) over Nick Shada (BRBO) (Fall 4:24).

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