The local cowboys and cowgirls were busy this week with not one, but two different rodeos. On May 1 they competed in the Hyannis rodeo and then the Arthur high school rodeo was on May 2.

Taking home a first-place finish in the boys cutting competition was Cody Miller. He won the event with a score of 74.

Finishing in fifth place in the event was Hayden Jennings of Seneca and Cooper Bass of Brewster. Jennings got a score of 71.5 and Bass was a half-point behind with a score of 71.

In barrel racing, Taci Flinn of Arcadia finished with a good run with a time of 18.757. That was enough to get her a fourth-place finish in the event.

Adding to his top-five finish in cutting, was Jennings in the breakaway roping competition. He was fifth overall with a score of 3.710.

Emma Pearson of Broken Bow ended up taking third in the girls cutting competition with a score of 68. Not far off that pace was Whitney Jennings of Seneca who took sixth with a score of 61.

In team roping, the team of Jace Rosentreader of Lexington and Zachary Miller of Broken Bow were second with a score of 11.340. Finishing right behind them in third were Dalton Kunkee of Lexington and Sid Miller of Merna.

In Arthur on Sunday, Spencer DeNaeyer was able to kick things off with a fantastic showing in the bareback riding. For the second week in a row, he won the competition this time with a score of 64.

Brody McAbee of Ansley was also able to master the riding of a wild horse, picking up a first-place finish in saddle bronc. His winning score in the event was 73.

After not competing because of track in Hyannis, Brooke McCully had another excellent day  of competition on Sunday. She was second in barrel racing with a score of 18.820, while Emily Leach of Dunning was 11th with a score of 19.016.

Putting together a decent showing in the goat tying competition was Emma Warren of Thedford. She took fifth place in the event with a score of 8.970.

This week the area athletes will held to Burwell to compete in there rodeo on May 7 and 8. Complete results from this rodeo are posted below.

Hyannis Rodeo

Bareback Riding: 2. Spencer DeNayer Seneca, 60. Barrell Racing: 4. Taci Flinn Arcadia, 10. Emily Leach Dunning, 19.019; 12. Whitney Jennings Seneca, 19.132; 33. Emma Pearson Broken Bow, 20.600; 42. Faith Miller Mullen, 22.072; 47. Claire Cooksley Anselmo, 23.845. Boys Cutting: 1. Cody Miller Broken Bow, 74; 5. Hayden Jennings Seneca, 71.5; 6. Cooper Bass Brewster, 71; 8. Frazier Kaelin Broken Bow, 70. Breakaway Roping: 5. Whitney Jennings Seneca, 3.710; 11. Claire Cooksley Anselmo, 5.090. Girls Cutting: 3. Emma Pearson, 68; 6. Whitney Jennings Seneca; 61. Goat Tying: 8. Emma Warren Thedford, 9.150; 9. Whitney Jennings Seneca, 9.200; 10. Kenna McCaslin Broken Bow, 9.300. Pole Bending: 19. Emily Leach Dunning, 24.599; 37. Emma Pearson Broken Bow, 32.654; 39. Faith Miller Broken Bow, 32.654. Steer Wrestling: 1. Dalton Kunkee Lexington, 5.340. Team Roping: 2. Jace Rosentreader Lexington and Zachary Miller Callaway, 11.340; 3. Dalton Kunkee Lexington and Sid Miller Merna, 11.510; 5. Zane Druery Anselmo and Gage Davis Cody, 14.500; 7. Zane Kreikemeier Callaway and Coy Johnston Stapleton, 14.810; 8. Matthew Miller Callaway and Cody Miller Broken Bow, 16.120; 13. Layton Lindner Broken Bow and Tate Miller Springview, 27.460; 14. David Switzer Burwell and Dean Schroder Taylor, 30.560.  

Arthur Rodeo

Bareback Riding: 1. Spencer DeNaeyer Seneca, 64. Barrel Racing: 2. Brooke McCully Mullen, 18.820; 11. Emily Leach Dunning, 19.016; 14. Whitney Jennings Seneca; 19.128; 20. Taci Flinn Arcadia, 19.345; 21. Sydney Fletcher Arnold, 19.350; 22. Claire Cooksley Anselmo, 19.380; 45. Emma Pearson Broken Bow, 20.879; 47. Lillian Fletcher Arnold, 21.277; 53. Faith Miller Mullen, 23.024. Boys Cutting: 2. Cooper Bass Brewster, 73; 5. Hayden Jennings Seneca, 72; 7. Cody Miller Broken Bow, 71.5; 9. Frazier Kaelin Broken Bow, 71. Breakaway Roping: 3. Brooke McCully Mullen, 2.850; 4. Jace Hurlburt Arcadia, 2.890; 8. Kenna McCaslin Broken Bow, 3.730; 13. Claire Cooksley Anselmo, 4.200; 20. Whitney Jennings Seneca, 4.680. Girls Cutting: 4. Emma Pearson Broken Bow, 72; 5. Whitney Jennings Seneca, 70. Goat Tying: 5. Emma Warren Thedford, 8.970; 26. Kenna McCaslin Broken Bow, 18.590. Pole Bending: 9. Emily Leach Dunning, 22.755; 10. Sydney Fletcher Arnold, 22.780; 13. Emma Pearson Broken Bow, 22.980; 17. Taci Flinn Arcadia, 23.190; 25. Claire Cooksley Anselmo, 25.155; 30. Brooke McCully Mullen, 27.658; 49. Lillian Fletcher Arnold, 34.101. Saddle Bronc: 1. Brody McAbee Ansley, 73. Steer Wrestling: 4. Dane Pokorny Stapleton, 5.850; 6. Slate Micheel Sargent, 9.250; 7. Dawson Doggett Stapleton, 10.000; Dalton Kunkee Lexington, 26.350. Tie Down Roping: 1. Zane Kreikemeier Callaway, 10.610; 5. Matthew Miller Callaway, 12.180; 7. Sid Miller Merna, 12.830; 12. Trey Garey Broken Bow, 15.120; 17. Coy Johnston Stapleton, 18.000; 19. Jace Rosentreader Lexington, 18.980; 21. Layton Lindner Broken Bow, 24.510; 25. Zachary Miller Callaway, 29.310.


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