MNAC Championship Volleyball Photo

MNAC First Team All-Conference Jessie Sallach of South Loup spikes the ball while Second Team All-Conference Kaylee Kruml of Twin Loup goes up for the block during their Championship match in North Platte earlier this fall.

The Mid Nebraska Activities Conference 2019 All-Conference (MNAC) Volleyball selections have come out.

    First Team honors went to Jessie Sallach of South Loup, Jadeyn Bubak of South Loup, Samantha Moore of Mullen, Elizabeth Sitorius-Johnson of Brady, Kate Axthelm of Brady, Elle Ravenscroft of Cody-Kilgore, Alexis Zimmer of Anselmo-Merna, Gracie Wenzel of Arthur County and Brianna Glendy of South Loup.

    Second Team honors went to MaShayla Burnett of Anselmo-Merna, Hadlee Safranek of Anselmo-Merna,  Madison Jones of Mullen, Taylor Conroy of South Loup, Kaylee Kruml of Twin Loup, Andrea Maldonado of Twin Loup, Kylie Licking of Mullen and Kirsten Myers of Anselmo-Merna.

    Honorable Mention honors went to Trinity Christopherson of Brady, Shaylee Oxford of Twin Loup, May Weverka of South Loup, Macy Brown of Twin Loup, Jaide Chandler of Anselmo-Merna, Megan Lusk of Brady, Hayley Schied of Cody-Kilgore, Calyn Laible of South Loup, Hope Ottun of Twin Loup, Jenna Schwanebeck of Hyannis, Shaelyn Welch of Cody-Kilgore, Alli Loughran of Mullen, Madison Marten of Sandhills/Thedford, Brea Banic of Sandhills/Thedford, Alyson Nicholson of Sandhills Valley, Rebekkah Draucker of Arthur County, Jadyn Chasek of Mullen and Landyn Cole of Souuth Loup.

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