Mullen Mascot

The Mullen wrestling team competed in a triangular with Maxwell Jan. 16.

    Mullen swept the triangular by beating Brady 66-18 and Maxwell 48-30. Maxwell beat Brady 66-18.

    Following are the results:

Mullen-66, Brady-18

285: Isaac Welch (MULL) over (BRADY) (For.) 106: Eli Paxton (MULL) over Isaac Shaner (BRADY) (Fall 0:50) 113: Tristin Grooms (MULL) over (BRADY) (For.) 120: Teven Marshall (MULL) over (BRADY) (For.) 126: Kyle Durfee (MULL) over (BRADY) (For.) 132: Jeremy Larson (BRADY) over (MULL) (For.) 138: Aidan Mullen (BRADY) over (MULL) (For.) 145: Spencer DeNaeyer (MULL) over (BRADY) (For.) 152: Sean Simonson (MULL) over Hunter Lovitt (BRADY) (Fall 5:34) 160: Kendal Neal (MULL) over Triston Stearns (BRADY) (Fall 4:42) 170: Noah Jurjens (BRADY) over (MULL) (For.) 182: Riley Kessler (MULL) over (BRADY) (For.) 195: Ty Kvanvig (MULL) over Cameron Carr (BRADY) (Fall 0:18) 220: Clayton Hassett (MULL) over Kaden Dady (BRADY) (Fall 3:14).

Mullen-48, Maxwell-30

220: Luke Howitt (MAXW) over Tel Kvanvig (MULL) (Fall 0:55) 285: Clayton Hassett (MULL) over Jason Rumery (MAXW) (Fall 0:53) 106: Eli Paxton (MULL) over Wyatt Heessel (MAXW) (Fall 0:47) 113: Tristin Grooms (MULL) over Ethan Norton (MAXW) (Fall 1:08) 120: Teven Marshall (MULL) over Easton Messersmith (MAXW) (Fall 0:33) 126: Kyle Durfee (MULL) over Sam Melton (MAXW) (Fall 2:45) 132: Jacob Gholson (MAXW) over (MULL) (For.) 138: Hunter Swanson (MAXW) over (MULL) (For.) 145: Klayton Pagel (MAXW) over Spencer DeNaeyer (MULL) (Fall 4:46) 152: Sean Simonson (MULL) over Jacob Tobey (MAXW) (Dec 12-5) 160: Kendal Neal (MULL) over Caden Messersmith (MAXW) (Fall 2:30) 170: Ayden Steffens (MAXW) over (MULL) (For.) 182: Riley Kessler (MULL) over Ashton Smith (MAXW) (Fall 3:30) 195: Ty Kvanvig (MULL) over Kayden Stubbs (MAXW) (Dec 8-3).

Maxwell-66, Brady-18

106: Ethan Norton (MAXW) over Isaac Shaner (BRADY) (Fall 0:33) 113: Wyatt Heessel (MAXW) over (BRADY) (For.) 120: Easton Messersmith (MAXW) over (BRADY) (For.) 126: Sam Melton (MAXW) over (BRADY) (For.) 132: Jeremy Larson (BRADY) over Jagger Baird (MAXW) (Fall 0:29) 138: Jacob Gholson (MAXW) over Aidan Mullen (BRADY) (Fall 1:41) 145: Klayton Pagel (MAXW) over Hunter Lovitt (BRADY) (Fall 5:14) 152: Jacob Tobey (MAXW) over (BRADY) (For.) 160: Kaydan Hunt (MAXW) over Triston Stearns (BRADY) (DQ) 170: Noah Jurjens (BRADY) over Ayden Steffens (MAXW) (Fall 3:41) 182: Ashton Smith (MAXW) over (BRADY) (For.) 195: Kayden Stubbs (MAXW) over Cameron Carr (BRADY) (Fall 1:39) 220: Luke Howitt (MAXW) over (BRADY) (For.) 285: Kaden Dady (BRADY) over Jason Rumery (MAXW) (Fall 1:34).

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