Brooke McCully Mullen Breakway Roping High School Rodeo 2019

Brooke McCully of Mullen competed in high school Breakaway Roping at the end of May, 2019.

Under the new Directed Health Measures (DHMs) for 89 of Nebraska's counties that will be effective June 1, 2020, rodeos will be allowed to resume June 1. Per the DHMs, rodeos will be treated as "gatherings" which are limited to 25 persons (excluding staff) or 25 percent of rated occupancy (not to exceed 3,000), whichever is greater.

Below are the restrictions which apply to sports in the new DHMs.


  • Team sports have been categorized by contact level based on guidance from the American Academy of Pediatrics (available here).
  • Limited and non-contact team sports, for both youth and adults, may resume practices on June 1 and games on June 18.
  • Contact sports like basketball, tackle football, soccer, and wrestling remain prohibited.
  • Rodeos may also begin on June 1.  Rodeo events will be treated as “gatherings” under the new DHMs.


  • Gatherings will be limited to the greater of 25 persons (excluding staff) or 25 percent of rated occupancy (not to exceed 3,000).


  • Will be limited to the greater of 25 people (excluding staff) or 50% of rated occupancy.
  • School gyms and weight rooms are permitted to follow gyms, fitness centers/clubs, health clubs and health spas DHM requirements.

The new DHMS will be in effect June 1, 2020 for all counties in Nebraska except Hall, Hamilton, Merrick and Dakota. Those four counties remain under tighter DHM restrictions.

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