MaShayla Burnett Selfie

This article originally appeared in ther April 23, 2020 Custer County Chief.

MaShayla Burnett is a senior at Anselmo-Merna. MaShayla competes in track during the spring.

    In 2019 MaShayla competed in the 800m with her best time being 2:56, Shot Put with her best throw being 28’ and the 3200m Relay with her best split in the 800m being 2:53.

    Unfortunately MaShayla had to have surgery on her knee before this year’s track season started so her goal was to be rehabilitated and back competing by the middle or end of April.

    In MaShayla’s time off she has not been able to do much to stay in shape because of her surgery but she has been going through physical therapy to get back to running.

    MaShayla stated that her most memorable accomplishment as an athlete during her high school career was making it to District Finals in basketball her senior year for the first time in 14 years for all girls sports at Anselmo-Merna.

    MaShayla feels that the most important thing she has learned from her coaches is that they have taught her to always push herself even when she has wanted to give up and to try to always better herself every day.

    To do her part to combat the coronavirus, MaShayla has been staying home, washing her hands and trying to stay positive about this whole situation.

    This whole situation has taught MaShayla to never take the little things for granted.

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