Grant Jones Selfie

Grant Jones of South Loup has been keeping in shape by working on the ranch.

This article originally appeared in the April 30, 2020 Custer County Chief.

Grant Jones is a senior at Arnold. Grant competed in track during the spring and has since he was a freshman.

    Grant stated that his best throw in the discus to date has been 148’3”.

    Grant’s goal this season was to win every meet and strive to go to state since he has never made it in the past. He was hoping to throw the discus 180’ and win state.

    To stay in shape Grant and his younger brother have been staying busy on their family ranch working. When they have the time they have been doing a Murph WOD style workout where you do a 1 mile run, 200 pushups, 300 squats, 100 pull-ups and another 1 mile run.

    When asked about his most memorable accomplishments Grant stated that he has many memories, but staying with track, it was having that breakthrough mid season his junior year. Breaking the school record in the discus and telling his Head Track Coach, Mr. Peterson.

    Grant stated that his coaches have taught him that you don’t always start doing what you are meant to do, but you are destined to find it, and once you do it is a rush of excitement and you achieve so much more than you knew was possible.

    Grant’s favorite professional athlete is Zion Williamson because of his vertical jump and how he can just jump.

    To do his part to fight the coronavirus Grant has been keeping his social distance and staying home on the ranch and working.

    The one thing Grant has taken away from this whole thing is the importance of freedom and having the ability to make your own choices. He has also taken away the importance of family and and the time he gets to spend with his siblings and parents.

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