Tim With Camera

I have been blessed over the past six years to have had the opportunity to be the Sports Editor for the Custer County Chief. The athletes and talent of our youth in Broken Bow and the surrounding communities has truly been phenomenal. All the accomplishments and successes I have had the privilege to watch and cover are too numerous to mention.

    The dedication and work ethic of our youth here, is bar none, the best you will find anywhere.

    An example that comes to mind, are the high school rodeo athletes that rodeo in the fall and spring. They are on the road every Saturday and Sunday during their fall and spring seasons. A lot of times they have just played a hard fought bruising football game Friday evening and then they hit the road and compete in rodeo the next two full days. They may have just played several volleyball matches in a volleyball tournament on Saturday but then pack up and compete in the second day of rodeo on Sunday.

    Another example, is that most kids around here work in the summer, with many of them working their tails off on their family ranch or farm. However, they still find the time to lift weights in the evening and attend camps to try to better themselves.

    The work ethic, values and sportsmanship that are instilled in our youth here is something we can all be proud of. It speaks volumes of our local communities and how they are raised.

    Over the past six years, I can’t help but notice the tremendous support that the communities have towards their youth in school and athletics. The support of the parents, grandparents, residence and businesses financially and with their time is overwhelming.

    In my time at the Chief, I have had the opportunity to meet and get to know a lot of great coaches, school administrators, school secretaries and parents. The time and help you have given me to help make my job easier and coverage better, is greatly appreciated. Thanks for putting up with all of my phone calls, e-mails and requests for information and photos.

    I will never forget my time at the Chief. It was a great ride. Not too many people have the opportunity to cover and record sports, rodeos and community events and meet the people I have been blessed to meet.

    However, it is time for a new chapter in my life. July 30 will be my last day at the Chief. Alex Eller, a UNK graduate in Journalism, whom some of you have already had the pleasure to meet, will be taking over sports.

    I am looking forward in continuing to serve Custer County in my new challenge and endeavor as the new Custer County Weed Superintendent starting Aug. 3. I am looking forward to the opportunity that the Custer County Board of Supervisors has given me.

    I am sure I will continue to bump into some of you now and then. Thanks and see you around.

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